Meeting between a business expert from Emerson LLC and MIRBIS MBA students 16.10.2013

Meeting between a business expert from Emerson LLC and MIRBIS MBA students

On October 16, 2013, International Business Leaders Forum organized a meeting between a business expert from Emerson LLC and MIRBIS MBA students. The meeting,which was held under the slogan ‘Ethical Business in Russia is Possible!’,was also attended by representatives of MMC Norilsk Nickel OJSC, Center for Anticorruption Studies and Initiatives of Transparency International – R, URALSIB OJSC, OPORA RUSSIA, Artdna, Agency for Social Information, RUSFINANS BANK LLC, NOVATEK OJSC, Moscow Business School MIRBIS, S&P Indexes.

Development of anticorruption culture should go beyond the scope of corporate concerns. Theattitudeofresentment over fraudulent behavior must be instilled in young people at schools and universities, where experts of international companies operating in Russiacan become the best mentors of the new generation of managers. This was the idea that inspired Olga Samoilova, Head of Legal Department at Emerson, in charge of implementation of the corporate anticorruption practices, to meet students. The idea was supported by Moscow Business School MIRBIS and International Business Leaders Forum, who initiated and organized the event. 

In the course of the meeting MsSamoilova told about the anticorruption practices and procedures adopted at Emerson. She shared her experience of handling the issues of firing unscrupulous employees, of investigating information received at their hot line and looking into infringements revealed during inspection of counteragents. She told the attendees about the company practice aimed at excluding bribery, so that towards the end of the meeting skeptical comments gave place to interested questions that were answered in great detail.

InternationalBusinessLeadersForumandMoscowBusinessSchoolMIRBISexpress their gratitude to Emerson LLC and Olga Samoilova for the supportingof their initiative that envisagesmeetings of business experts from international companies with students.

The event was held in the framework of Siemens Integrity Initiative


OlgaSamoilova, Head of Legal Department, Emerson LLC, oversees all legal aspects of the company activities in the CIS, including relations with suppliers and contractors, public procurement, observance of corporate procedures and policies.

Emerson Process Management is thebiggestmultinationalcompanyemploying 135,000 peopleatits 235plants; produces electrical equipment, supplies process automation services and technology. 

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