Russian and Dutch CSK Session Anti-corruption Practices of Dutch and Russian Companies: Compliance with International Standards held in MIRBIS 01.10.2013

Russian and Dutch CSK Session Anti-corruption Practices of Dutch and Russian Companies: Compliance with International Standards held in MIRBIS

The MIRBIS Business University held a second CSL (Corporate Social Liability) Session with the support of the MATRA program developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in partnership with the Nijenrode Business University (The Netherlands). The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) became the general partner of the Second Session. The Session was attended by over 90 representatives of the large and medium Russian business entities (HR, PR, IR, compliance and CSL divisions), academic communities, non-commercial entities, rating and consulting agencies.

The Session was headed by Svetlana Aleksandrovna Gerasimova, Director of the Corporate Social Liability Center of the MIRBIS Business University. The second CSL Session was opened by Philip de Jong, Counselor Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Counselor Minister stressed particular significance of issues related to the corruption counteraction and application of responsible business practices for the Dutch Government and business.

The following persons presented their reports during the Session:

Boris Nikolaevich Tkachenko, Head of the IBLF Branch in Russia, Director for programs in Russia, who presented IBLF projects in the area of anti-corruption  (with the support of Siemens). IBLF programs lay particular emphasis on training of the business ethics and anti-corruption program teachers. IBLF prepared and presented a study guide Business Ethics for universities and business schools. Recommendations and working materials of the Russian sub-group of the Target Group B20 are summarized in the digest Introduction of the Best Anti-corruption Practices and Exchange of Experience in the Area of Corruption Counteraction in Russia. All IBLF materials contain corporate cases relevant to our country.

Maarten Lambertus Johannes de Jong, Managing Partner from Ethics & Business Integrity Services Company L.L, a visiting professor of the Nyenrode Business University, spoke in detail about international anti-corruption laws (USA, Great Britain), OECD requirements, and cases of international companies.

Oksana Yurievna Egorova, Business Consultant, MBA teacher at the MIRBIS Business University, Ph.D. in Economics, taking professional interest in issues of fraud in banking, contingency plan administration, anti-corruption programs, told about peculiarities of the MIRBIS Anti-corruption program structure, about experience of use of the Anti-corruption Toolkit PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education, joined by MIRBIS in 2012), consideration of Russian realities and specifics of the MBA program students.  

Anna Yurievna Meleshina, Corporate Relations Director, HEINEKEN Russia, spoke about the corporate experience and practice of management of the CSL issues and corruption prevention. Anna discoursed on the practical use of the business ethics policies adopted by the company, a set of measures for provision of the responsible business behaviour that focus on the long-term prospect, about development of the personal, corporate and social ethics of employees.

Gerard Uijtendaal, owner of Uijtendaal International Accountants&Advisors, Partner of VKS in Moscow, spoke about perception of the Russian business by foreign investors. Gerard stressed that corruption is an international problem and people shall change their behaviour in order to change the situation. He said that foreign companies take close interest in working in Russia, and noted that there are already recognized CSL leaders operating in Russia who promote the best practices (12 of 18 companies considered leaders according to the The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) already work in Russia).

Summarizing results of the meeting, S.A. Gerasimova noted extremely high level of the interest shown by the audience to the issues considered by the second session, professionalization of the dialogue about CSL in Russia; she encouraged partners of the Session - the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the International Business Leaders Forum and invited everybody to take part in the 3rd Session The Role and Tasks of the State in the CSL Development: Dutch Experience - Russian Practice that will take place in MIRBIS on the 23rd of October.

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