State of Global Youth Entrepreneurship as Analyzed in the Joint Study of YBI Network and GEM

In the course of the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, Youth Business International (YBI) international network and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research centre published the results of their joint global study titled Generation Entrepreneur? The state of global youth entrepreneurship and dedicated to the current state of youth entrepreneurship in the world.

The authors of the study expressed gratitude for assistance in the work to Manager of Youth Business Russia program Boris Tkachenko and Daniil Kruglikov, a Russian entrepreneur and a member of the YBR program. 

The study relies on the data collected by polling over 198,000 persons globally as well as special per state samplings (approximately 2,000 respondents per state).


The key conclusions of the study represent the data on the youth’s attitude to different issues related to creation of a proprietary business, including such factors as: a young person’s essential willingness to create his or her own business, attitude to young businessmen in the country where the respondent resides, opportunities for a new enterprise to create new jobs, innovative production focus, and online trading. Separate conclusions were drawn on the issues of funding accessibility for young entrepreneurs, creation of a novel enterprises customer pool, and business formation role models.

Following the study results, recommendations on supporting and developing the youth entrepreneurship have been worked out for such participants of the world system as national governments, mass media, business schools, and investors.

Among the key areas of improvement named are public attitude to entrepreneurship, education, funding accessibility, mentorship, and opportunities of the Internet.

The study is available at our web site. 

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