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Youth Business Russia (YBR) attending AIESEC YouLead Conference 17.11.2012

Youth Business Russia (YBR) attending AIESEC YouLead Conference

Youth Business Russia team took part in the AIESEC YouLead International Conference in St. Petersburg and, at the invitation of the organizers, held a special session on “International Entrepreneurship” at the Section “Social Innovations”.

AIESEC YouLead Youth Forum, striving to improve professional competences, confronting people, inspiring and charging them with resounding energy, has been globally initiated by AIESEC. Crossing the world, the Forum brings remarkable personalities, successful entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and high professionals under the same roof with young people characterized by proactive approach to life, helping them to solve complicated self-determination problems. Taking advantage of case studies, crash tests, business role plays, training sessions and master classes and plunging into the atmosphere of drive and creativity, future entrepreneurs gain unique experience and get the opportunity of communicating with accomplished leaders.

Presentation “International Entrepreneurship” arranged at the St. Petersburg Forum by Youth Business Russia Programme attracted over 40 young people. They were listening with great interest to the lecture of YBR Manager Boris Tkachenko who spoke about the opportunities offered by Youth Business International (YBI) to its participants.

As a result of the working session, many of the attendees, who own their business or are on the verge of taking such a step, showed interest in setting up a St. Petersburg Youth Business Russia programme.

Forum was attended by Youth Business Russia Manager Boris Tkachenko and Programme Operations Manager Yelena Trakhtenberg.

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