New partners of YBR in Voronezh region 07.08.2012

New partners of YBR in Voronezh region

Thus, the Agreement has already been joined by 19 government, municipal, educational and civic organizations engaged in the development and support of entrepreneurship and youth in the region.

The ceremony of signing the Declaration was attended by President of Voronezh region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yury Goncharov, Head of the Russian Branch of International Business Leaders Forum (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Manager of Youth Business Russia Programme Boris Tkachenko, Executive Director of Leader Civic Assembly Voronezh regional non-government organization (VROO) Igor Litvinov as well as Head of Section for Government Support of Entrepreneurship, -region Department for Development of Entrepreneurship and Consumer Market Vladimir Alferov, Head of Voronezh region Fund for Entrepreneurship Development  Yury Lavlinsky and Youth Business Russia programme coordinator for Voronezh region Irina Gorelova.

After the document was officially signed by the new participants, President of Voronezh region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yury Goncharov confirmed in his talk with the reporters that the Voronezh Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarded the act of joining the Agreement as a crucial point: “The items of our responsibility must be fulfilled by us. Business must make its contribution in the development of the new generation of entrepreneurs”.

Leader Civic Assembly VROO is supporting all initiatives connected with the advancement of youth business, - added Igor Litvinov, Leader’s Executive Director. – The deeper the awareness of young people of their business, the higher their responsibility for all decisions and actions”.  

In his speech Boris Tkachenko stressed that the development of youth entrepreneurship apart from government programmes needs as well business community support. Comprehensive support programmes for young entrepreneurs have been widely spread in foreign countries for quite a long time. Voronezh became the first region to participate in the mentorship program of Youth Business Russia (YBR), and now Voronezh region has become leading in this respect, emphasized YBR Programme Manager.   

The new partners to the Agreement will be involved in the activities of the YBR Programme Supervisory and Expert Committees and will have the possibility to recommend experienced Small and Medium Enterprises business leaders as mentors of young entrepreneurs within the framework of the Youth Business Russia in Voronezh region. In addition, an advisory help line is envisaged on the problems of running business and a number of events to promote the Youth Business Russia Programme are planned.

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