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Voronezh Region Governor commented on implementation of Youth Business Russia (YBR) Programme

Voronezh Region Governor commented on implementation of Youth Business Russia (YBR) Programme

On September 17, 2012, Alexey Gordeyev, Voronezh region Governor, held a meeting in Voronezh with President of Industrial Investors Group Sergey Generalov. In the course of their talk they discussed the progress of Youth Business Russia Programme in the Voronezh region.

Apart from such issues as the possibility of reviving ambulance aviation, creation of air taxi service, the parties assessed the course of implementation of the Youth Business Russia, the programme intended to support and develop youth entrepreneurship in the Voronezh region.

The international programme for support of youth entrepreneurship developed globally by the Youth Business International (YBI) was created by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) together with the Prince's Trust in order to address the problems of youth employment. The YBI is a global network running various programmes implemented in 39 countries.

Youth Business Russia is being realized by the Russian branch of IBLF.

Sergey Generalov is a member of the International Advisory Council of IBLF in Russia and Chairman of the Advisory Council of Youth Business Russia, the initiative intended to promote YBI projects across Russia. 

It was not the first visit to Voronezh by Sergey Generalov in the framework of the YBI programme. On January 31, 2012, an on-site meeting of the YBR Advisory Council was held here, where the members of the Advisory Council were invited assess business plans of Voronezh young entrepreneurs and socialized with the YBR Voronezh programme participants in the informal Club atmosphere, where young entrepreneurs and experienced business people,( their mentors) meet toghether. 
Governor of the Voronezh region is no stranger to the YBR programme implementation in the region. The YBR programme has been carried out here since 2009, supported by the Voronezh region Foundation for Entrepreneurship and regional Government. The programme also benefits from a newly established regional partnership including - government and municipal agencies that support youth and business, as well as educational and entrepreneurial community. The partnership is open to everyone who shares the goals of supporting and developing youth entrepreneurship in the Voronezh region and is steadily expanding. 
Thus, for instance, after the speech of Boris Tkachenko - YBR Programme Manager and Head of IBFL Branch in Russia, on June 29, 2012, at the plenary meeting of the Voronezh regional non-government organization Civic Assembly “Leader” involving chief executives of the largest regional businesses, in which Governor Alexey Gordeyev also took part, the partnership was joined by the non-government organization Civic Assembly “Leader” and the Voronezh region Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
“The youth in the Voronezh region is business-minded and we are happy to support local young entrepreneurs,” said Sergey Genralov. “ Surprisingly, young people in other regions, except for Vladivostok, are in no haste to start their own businesses, opting for large companies or government organizations.” 
In his reply, the Governor stressed that Voronezh is a students’ city where more than 130,000 young talented people are being educated, and this is one of the reasons for their strong entrepreneurial bias. “This support programme is not aimed at mere gratification of young people, it provides the opportunity of growth and progress. Metaphorically, instead of giving fish it gives a fishing rod and teaches how to catch fish,” said Alexey Gordeyev. 
The meeting was also attended by Vice-Governor of the Voronezh region A.V. Gusev, responsible for the implementation of the YBR projects in the region.