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Results of Mentoring Programme 24.02.2012

Results of Mentoring Programme

On February 24, the meeting to summarise the results of mentoring programme of the US-Russia Centre for Entrepreneurship and IBLF was held. The meeting was chaired by Victor Sedov, President of CFE and Boris Tkachenko, manager of mentoring programme, Head of IBLF Russia, manager of Youth Business Russia programme (YBR). Alexey Komissarov, Head of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Department of the Moscow Government, in his speech at the meeting, expressed his appreciation to IBLF and CFE for excellent programme. Mr. Komissarov stressed that mentoring shall be implemented in Moscow in the framework of YBR programme and encouraged experienced entrepreneurs to get engaged and to become mentors for budding entrepreneurs in Moscow.

Natalia Semenova, member of the programme, told that “she is very grateful to programme organizers for the programme work and affordability to those who want to join it and for the choice of mentor. I am very grateful to my mentor Nadezhda Kopytina for her openness, immersiveness and generosity in sharing experience with me in the course of our communication during the year. I am happy to participate in this project.” During the meeting, mentors and their mentees exchanged opinions on programme value and future development.

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