Webinar ‘Basics of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship’ for new mentees – aspiring entrepreneurs from Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia at Youth Business International

Youth Business Russia and the Mentoring Institute held an introductory webinar ‘Basics of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship’ on the 3rd of June for new mentees – aspiring entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan, Armenia and Russia receiving support through the programmes of Youth Business International.

40 entrepreneurs from 3 countries took part at the webinar, together with programme coordinators of Youth Business Armenia and Youth Business Kazakhstan.

At the webinar, the mentees learnt what was mentoring in entrepreneurship; explored international and Russian experience in entrepreneurship; realized what mentoring meant for mentees; understood how to build mentoring relationships for the match work to be effective, comfortable and exciting for both parties; exercised their communication skills, including conducting a dialog, active listening, receiving feedback.

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